Healthy Holidays

Here at The Holist we are super excited to have a jam packed few weeks of travel ahead, first to LA and Coachella festival, then to South Africa. Apologies in advance that things will be a little quieter than usual around here.



We love travel and adventures but recognise that when you’re away from home, exploring new places it can be hard to stick to your healthy guns. To help you we’ve put together a list of our top travel tips below to help you have the healthiest holiday you can! We subscribe to the 80/20 school of thought so don’t obsess, just do the best you can and enjoy all the amazing experiences that your holiday will bring!

What are your plans for Easter Weekend? Off anywhere exciting? Get in touch below and let us know how you stay healthy while travelling.




Benjamin Franklin’s quote is our unofficial motto here at The Holist, as you probably know by now! Holidays and travel and are no excuse! Start by thoroughly researching your destination for local healthy restaurants and markets to explore. If you know that you’ll be in an area where it is hard to find good healthy food then consider using Air BnB or a similar site to find a self-catering option. The run up to a holiday is always pretty hectic, trying to tie things up at work plus packing and last minute shopping. You won’t regret taking some time to prep for your journey, we promise you it is time well spent! 


Flying can be one of the most difficult parts of healthy travel. Airports very rarely have any good healthy options (although things are slowly getting better), as for plane food, our general rule is to avoid it like the plague. It is jam packed full of sugar, salt, additives and other nasties (how else do you think it can withstand the impact of all that travel?). That said, many of the major airlines do now offer you the chance to customise your menu if you take a poke around on their website. If you have this option then try and choose vegan or where available the “raw” option as these will give you the best chance of getting some actual real life fresh food (i.e. fruits and veggies).

Amongst all the confusion of the heightened security restrictions of recent years many people don’t realise that you can actually bring food from home on the plane with you. We have a tendency to get pretty hangry if food deprived, so to be on the safe side, we always bring our own snacks to keep our blood sugar levels stable and stave off headaches.

We like to stock up on:

  • cut up veggies (bonus points for water rich options such as cucumber, peppers and carrots);
  • fresh fruit (try and choose robust options that travel well e.g. apples and pre-chop fussy options such as mango, kiwi, pineapple etc.)
  • nuts and seeds (raw plus some flavoured to keep things interesting, we love Clearspring and Munchy Seeds)
  • healthy bars (homemade are the best if you have the time, but if not we love Nakd, Nom and Love Raw bars)
  • chunky salads (avoid leaves that will wilt, instead check out this yummy Hemsley + Hemsley plane friendly option)
  • some healthy treats like bliss balls or raw chocolate or anything from Upcakes (you’re on holiday after all!)
 Image: Nick Hopper,

Image: Nick Hopper,


We all know the importance of staying hydrated, but at 30,000 ft. it’s even more important. No-one wants to be that passenger who has to keep harassing the stewardess for another thimble sized cup of water, so where you can, bring your own big bottle on and if possible, try and grab some super hydrating coconut water in the terminal too. Forget the myth that a glass of wine will help you drift off and avoid alcohol at all costs it just further dehydrates you and adds to your poor body’s work.

If you are at the mercy of security restrictions, bring a big empty flask on with you and ask the stewardess to fill it up for you before take off. We love the clever Citrus Zinger bottle, you can just pop in your fruits of choice before you head off to the airport and then get the water filled up on the plane for an added alkaline hit. Our favourite combo is lemon, cucumber and mint.



We are tea-obsessives here at The Holist, so we also love to bring a few of our favourite tea bags away with us for an easy win and to enable us to keep up our bedtime sleep rituals. So why not try and keep a couple handy in your carry-on bag for the flight too. You can even bring an empty thermos on the plane and get it filled up with hot water before take-off. Flying at high altitudes can really mess with water retention and your digestion, so if you’re prone to bloating while flying try and pack teas with peppermint, fennel, ginger and turmeric to help ease the pain (Pukka have some great combos).

Aside from keeping your body hydrated from the inside we’ve all experienced the havoc planes can wreak on your skin. Our favourite on-board remedy is Trilogy’s Rosehip oil – we slather it all over our face (and a bit on the tips of our hair) throughout the flight to keep skin plump and hydrated.




A cramped aeroplane cabin isn’t the ideal place to try and relax but there are a couple of things which can help you to zen out. Firstly, counteract the horrible stale air with a stash of your favourite essential oils. We find that Lavender, Valerian, Jasmine and Lemon Balm are particularly good for flights.

A plane ride is also the perfect time to try and work on your meditation practice. Download a good meditation app before you head off and try and get in the zone. Having tried a ton of meditation app, our all-time favourite is Headspace, by he of amazingly relaxing voice Andy Puddicombe.

 We all know that familiar feeling, you’re all ready to drift off when that toddler in front starts screaming and you feel the rage rising! Have a go-to relaxing playlist of your favourite sleep songs and block out the world. Stuck for inspiration? Try “Weightless” by Marconi Union, supposedly the world’s most relaxing song.

You Tube: Marconi Union Weightless


Yes, yes, we you’ve heard it before but you must get up and move around. Boring but so, so important. At the back of most big planes there’s space to have a little move around and stretch – make the most of it! Why not have some fun with a little plane yoga and have a giggle at faces of the surprised passengers next to you when you start dropping in to bridge pose in the aisle. Check out yoga superstar Tara Stile's top tips below.

You Tube: Tara Stiles


Now no-one is trying to pretend that a cramped aeroplane seat is an ideal place to get your vital shut eye but if there is one thing we’ve found that really helps it’s a great eye mask. Here at The Holist we’ve tried a fair few and have settled on The Tempur Sleep Mask. Yes, it’s expensive and pretty industrial but it is nothing short of life changing and provides total darkness (the holy grail of eye masks!).




It’s not always easy or practical to bring your blender away with you to get your green goodness smoothie hit. Never fear, there are some great greens powders out there that you can bring away with you to tide you over and keep you energised. Our personal favourite is Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Green Superfood which are packed full of superfood goodness with the added plus of probiotics,  it comes in handy little sachets you can carry around in your handbag and onto the plane.